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    Spread Prevention
    Temperature Measurement

    As the Current Pandemic continues to evolve, it’s time to shift focus to returning to work and adjusting to the “new normal” which will change the way we go about our daily lives. Homeview and our partners have been working hard  to bring you the latest technology and solutions which will assist businesses and public services to maintain the government guidelines as we gradually reboot the economy.

    Please continue to revisit this section of the website regularly as we are updating solutions as they become available.

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    This system is an aid to the Government guidelines in protecting the workforce within Critical National Infrastructure.

    Body Temperature Measurement


    Dahua Technology has launched a highly accurate Temperature Measurement System to help control the spread of COVID-19 globally. This system is an aid to the Government guidelines in protecting the workforce within Critical National Infrastructure.

    With coronavirus numbers rising rapidly it is more important than ever to control the spread through monitoring key symptoms such as a fever. This Thermal Imaging Camera can indicate fever in less than a second, without personal contact! (accurate up to ±0.3℃)

    The solution is an efficient, real-time measurement and has the ability to screen people individually and large groups up to 30 people at any one time, removing the need for handheld temperature detection monitors which can be extremely time consuming and puts the operator at risk of being close to infected individuals.

    Dahua’s Fever Detection Solution has already been implemented in applications with high volume of passengers such as NHS hospitals, airports, retail, distribution, railway stations, the utility sector and schools with very little disruption to general operation.

    How it is Implemented


    For indoor temperature measurement stations, such as premises entrances and exits, railway stations, airports and other security check entrances where passengers pass in order.

    It is only necessary to deploy a human body temperature camera and high-precision human body temperature blackbody at each entrance, and connect to the on-site computer for configuration management.

    If a human temperature is abnormal an alarm notification including a facial image and temperature reading will be sent to the selected personnel.

    Fast and Accurate
    Thermal Temperature Measurement
    Control the Flow of People

    Customizable Digital Signage

    As well as Installing and Commissioning of Body Temperature Measuring Systems, we are also offering Digital Signage to allow images or videos to be displayed on a free standing 49″ portrait display. This will hopefully provide as a warning as pictured to the left, but any images/videos you choose can be displayed.